The age of intelligent industrial lighting

When the dimmable driver combined with Zigbee controller, the industrial lighting
could be set as group, turned on & off dimming through PC, Pad and phone.
It has been the right time for intelligent industrial lighting.

Intelligent industrial lighting
Only connect the AC cable

Only connect the
AC cable

You only need to connect the AC cable before you could dim it
and turn it on and off. Unlike the common dimmable high bay.
You need to connect another 1 to 10V dimmable cable. So
unless it's a new building project which could allow you
to rewire. If it's a retrofit project, wiring another
cable is not reliable at all.

Application diagram

Application diagram

Controlled by groups

Every fixture has a control address in the network, we
could separate them into groups. For example, if there
are 100pcs high bays in the factory, we could set the first
10pcs as group one, another 10pcs is group two by software
and without any rewiring. We could dim group one to 80% and
group two to 50%. Or even turn off any single fixture which you
don't want to light up at all。

Controlled by software

Controlled by software

Zigbee actually is very similar with DALI. The difference
is that DALI needs to wire.Zigbee is wireless.It could be
controlled by the software on computer, phone and IPAD.
You could set a timer, 100% at the early morning, 50% at
noon, 80% in the afternoon.

  • Similiar with DALI
  • Wireless
  • Timer ON/OFF
  • Dimmable

Combined with daylight sensor

When if there were many skylights on the roof, you will find
that the daylight sensor can help the lighting fixtures save much
more energy. The high bays could be combined with the daylight
sensor, and dimmed automatically according to the daylight.
What's best is that the sensor is also Zigbee wireless.

Combined with daylight sensor

The biggest advantages for LED

Please don't forget the biggest advantages for LED comparing with traditional
is that it could be switched on and off instantly, and it could be dimmed.
So that we could save the energy from controlling hours
and dimming beside the power consumption saving. Zigbee HiCloud
high bay makes this advantage more reliable and easier.

  • Second optics
  • Dimmable
  • Instant on/off

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