Do you believe a 90W LED light can replace a 400W HID?

Saving Energy 80%


You need at least 150lm/W


Never heard of it

How about in this warehouse aisle lighting application?

hirack led warehouse light application
old cold storage warehouse lighting

This is a cold storage warehouse in Australia. The current fixtures are 400WHPS. It needs to be changed to LED.


  • No requirement to maintain the monochromatic colour.
  • One for one replacement without changes to the electrical system.
  • Fixture spacing 6 metres (UK/Australia etc) 6 meters (USA).
  • The current height is 10 metres/meters.
  • The width of the aisle is 4 metres/meters.
  • The length of the aisle is 66 meters.
  • Each row has 11pcs high bays.

Which lighting distribution pattern is going to be better for a warehouse aisle?

hirack led warehouse light vs tranditional high bay light lighting distribution

The HiRack is undoubtedly the best warehouse aisle lighting solution!

Let’s see the simulation report!

hiarck led high bay warehouse light simulation report

The HiRack Warehouse Aisle Light is the one you’re looking for!

We have 4 power options and 5 control options.

Send us your project details and we’ll create a simulation to show how much you can save.

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hirack led warehouse aisle light

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