The right high bay for food processing lighting industry


It has a safe acrylic lens that meets the 'No-Glass' requirement for food areas. And the light source is LED, which will not explode and drop glass fragments into food or machinery.

no gaps and holes.

It's dust-tight withstand rigorous cleaning protocols, suitable for wash down areas. No gaps or holes in the fixture that could allow contaminants to enter the processing area from the plenum.

No toxic materials

The surface of the heat sink is powder coating. It contains no toxic materials, highly resistant to corrosion.

IP66 rated

No ingress of water projected in powerful jets from any direction.

High performance

It also has the high performance, energy efficiency, and low maintenance,
long life features which are required in all types of food industrial lighting

Made for food processing

The HiClean high bay is suitable for in fresh and frozen meat processing plants,
fruit and vegetable processing and canning facilities.

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