Dear Ms. Daisy,

I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding customer service that you and your staff provided from the beginning of our association. I visited the site where we supplied your lights and our clients are very happy with the performance of OKLED products and we are getting more business because of the quality which you have preserved. I really appreciate your efforts and quick responses on time as and when we requested, I have interactions with lot of manufacturers around the globe but inspite of difference in working hours you have responded even late nights at 2 am etc which really add lot of value, I found you are very knowledgeable about your store’s product line and seemed genuinely interested in helping me find items that met my needs rather than just being focused on making a quick sale. Thank you again for your coordination and negotiations.

Because of you and your team efforts, I was able to deliver what I needed on time to my customers and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I will continue to order more from your store in the future, as well as recommend it to others. Please let other employees in the office also know that their efforts did not go unnoticed. You have put together a great team that makes customers feel respected and valued.

I have one suggestion which will make your product have a track record on sales :
I need a unique serial numbers on each items with a warranty card based on that serial number . This will save lot of business for you as well as help us keep a track on warranty.

I look forward to working with your team and build a successful business relationship for years to come.
Thanks & Best Regards,

Hello Simon,
I’ve discovered your website on LinkedIn but I had heard about your products before, especially HiRack, really matching difficult conditions in warehouses with asymmetric beam.
Really liked the website. Waow, very professional and rather different from some other vendors, real marketing, HaHa…
We are specialized in led lighting solution in ***, working with major electricians and direct customers in our country, and sometimes abroad 😉
We are rather experienced in indoor/outdoor solutions with lots of installed references, even really big power/high masts, gymnasium, etc.
Which one of you sales lady is best to discuss with for our country ? 😉 Evelyn, Stella, Demi… Or maybe yourself ?
One is speaking *** ? If not, no worry, we can of course communicate as usual in English…
We’re rather demanding about product information, especially ies/ldt files, quality and warranty, but I’m sure you’re used to that with your track record.
As you probably know, *** is not an easy country for “big power” led lighting because the cost of energy is really one of the lowest in the world, thus difficult ROI…
But I’m also sure your products price can also match this kind of condition…
Feel free to tell me, hope we can develop some business together,
Thanks and Best regards,

Dear Stella,

how are you? Hope you are good.

Our customer gave us the feedback after testing your product. He is very satisfied for the quality of the product, very professional! Congratulation!

There is only one small modification, he need a wider beam angle, so is it possible to change only the lenses? If so can you please send us the lenses 60/90?

Because it’s quite urgent..

Waiting for your feedback,

My best,

Dear Katrina,

I have tested your lamp and there was no problem with them. Quality looks quite good.

Please find attached my report.

Best regards,

Dear Daisy,

I basically wanted to say although there is a lot of competition in *** from the far East for lighting fixtures we are very happy with the quality and service of OKLED.

A lot of this is mainly due to the excellent partnership and communication we have with Daisy our contact.

Keep up the good work Daisy and OKLED excellent quality of products.

Thank you and best regards.

Dear Fred,

We succeeded to release the whole shipment from our customs.I opened the boxes and I saw the fixture and its design looks fantastic and its light output is very good.By the way I didn’t find any catalog.I decided to start market your product in *** market starting with our current projects, consultants and customers but under a protection condition that you will send a protection letter that any requirement from *** will be through us and also to be your sole agent for one year to test our both business relations and sales.Please send me this letter and also send me our special list prices .We have just launched our web site and you could know us more WWW.***.COM .Please update me with all your new products with its certificates.

Waiting your feedback.

Thank you.

Hi George,

thanks for an update. I think you are definitely moving in right direction. Once you have IES files ready for other angles, please make sure to send them to me. It will be very helpful.
BTW I think my colleague will send you sample order tomorrow.

Take care.

Kind Regards,

Dear Nicky

Good morning.

It is in the installation process. Once it is finished, I will let you know. I have tested the sample. It is good. I like the result.

Best regards

Hi Stella

Thanks for the email
You and I both know the HiCloud is perfect for a basket ball court  :-)
No need for test
Actually I drop one on to a concrete floor and still working fine  :-)

Hello George,

We are in some tenders with your lights. Because I really like your lights. So I mean there will be next orders in near future..

Thank you for google drive links. Its very good idea to have all documents in one place.

Best Regards

​[17:56:46]Hi Nancy how are you?

[17:57:32] Nancy Wu: Fine, thank you[17:58:06] Nancy Wu: Received my e-mail this morning?[17:59:26] Matt***: yes got it thanks[17:59:37] Matt***: I didn’t want to reply until all of the testing is complete[17:59:45] Nancy Wu: OK[17:59:48] Matt***: I’ve tested the light and I am happy with it[17:59:48] Nancy Wu: I see[17:59:56] Matt***: however we haven’t testes the Zigbee functionality yet[18:00:04] Matt***: tested*[18:00:10] Nancy Wu: OK, I understand.

​[18:00:49] Matt***: My first impressions are that this light will be a key product for us in winning commericla warehouse business going forward

i really like the design


Dear George,

Thank you for your e-mail. News is really positive and very encouraging. You are
professional partner implementing improvements.
There is a lot of valuable information included. It will be comfortable to have
a constant access to such information.

Best regards

Dear George,

I would like to inform you that we have already received the goods. The delivery
went without any obstacles. I would like to thank you very much for perfect
shipment arrangement.

Regarding received products, lamps look great we have received lamps with red
frame design, however in case of our further orders, we are interested whether
there is a possibility to order the same lamps with different color frame –
exactly Pantone PMS 534C color.

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Dear George,

Many thank you for your excellent explanation.

I hope we designed the interesting and very good solutions for this customer.

My warmest regards

Have a nice weekend !!

Dear Evelyn ,

Your products are very impressive , thank you.

Would it be possible to change the red colour to possibly grey or black for the flood lights , on a bulk order ,

Please send me some pricing , do have ex stock on any ?

I am pleased that you have surge protection , we have huge power problems here ,

Thanks again for your efforts ,

Regards ,

Hi Evelyn!
Since we are building a sales organization where we already have a number of resellers. Because we think that your product is very good, we would like to sell it. But can we sell it under our own name? We need to know this in order to start up the sale. We have translated all the material, but we need to know how you look at it.

Looking forward to your reply.

Dear Susan.

Today arrived the samples.

We was so enthusiastic, everyone love it.

I will started internal test today and I looking forward to make a big cooperation with you.

Dear Nancy,

The first comment is GOOD, very GOOD… all my colleague find your products very nice and very professional… We just have to make test now for final comment…

Thanks for all.

best regards

Dear George,

today we back from lighting fair INFOTHERMA . Hana will send any photos to you soon :-)

We have some contacts with several interesting customers, so now we have to work hard…

Maybe we will with HiRack and Hicloud winner :-)

my warmest regards

Dear Nicky

Thank you for your sharing.

Yes, our customers are satisfied with your Hicloud LED. They like it.

About the Aisle light, could you please provide me a CIF price at ***?
Best regards

Hello Evelyn,

We are proudly changing our old COB LED high bay lights to your products

Best Regards,


I familiarized myself with your luminaires. I really liked – they have great results in lighting design.

I have an important question on cooperation. Is it possible to fixtures were signed our logo?

Hi Evelyn,

I am still building the control system but I like the quality, I will let you know what my customer thinks when they are installed.


Hi Katrina,

Many thanks for your email. This is very interesting news.

We have unpacked the samples and we have examined them and are delighted with the quality – really good. I am keen to develop a further business relationship with you. However we have not installed them yet as my Electricians have had to go to and work on a project for a Customer. They will be installed soon though and I will report back to you.

I will be visiting the Hong Kong Lighting Fair in October. Will you be at the Fair?

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Hi Evelyn ,

We have re-submitted our proposal using the 120w HiRack , we are much better than all the opposition , but there is a lot of politics on this project , we are holding thumbs ,

Thanks for your support , you are important part of my team ,

Regards ,

Thanks for info George.
Seems nice product/s and acceptable prices. Hope to get chance to offer some project/s here.
Best regards

dear George,

yes, consegnee is perfectly correct. i wil send this paper also to my
czech forwarder. By the way, it seems my compny will win several others
contracts and we will use your high quality lights.

Thanks for all support.

Nice weekend.

Hello George,

perfect! Thank you very much, it seems everything is going on plan.

By the way, we just finish the first warehouse with Hi Rack lights and
it is perfect, realy!

Thank you for cooperation and we will order much much more.

Dear Stella,

We are very pleased to show you the following pictures being taken just before 12noon when it was raining and cloudy.
The lux level on the ground at the inter-aisle space under the old lighting was 155 lux while that under the new lighting with the similar environment (middle of the row and not directly under the lamp or skylight) was 487 lux.
The third picture was taken according to suggestion of the staff of Dunninghams, showing the difference of brightness when we look at the brightness of each inter-aisles space from the gaps of the aisles at the middle of the rows.
We could see those space more distant from the camera were much brighter than the spaces closer to the camera as they have already got the new light.

The feedback from the workers there were very positive with the new light, feeling like working with a sunny day today.
We still have to test the sensor performance.
We would like to have your feedback whether we should adjust the daylight sensor for more energy saving to maintain a lower lux level on the ground, say 300 lux.

Kind Regards

Good Afternoon Daisy,

thanks for your kind message and the included presentation of your factory.

I have nothing to do with Mr. ***’s business in China, we simply know each other for some time and discuss LED lighting related subjects when he is here. He mentioned that he is looking for High Bay Lights, so I suggested that he has a closer look at your products. I know your documentation as being one of the most comprehensive, so I’m confident that you can answer many of the questions he undoubtedly has about your design and provide the documents to support your statements.

Just be aware that many buyers of LED Lights in *** have a rather conservative approach to lighting products. When a product suddenly looks different from what they are used to they will be sceptical. I had similar considerations when I talked to your boss first time, in particular the heat management was of concern to me, but I was convinced later that your design has a satisfactory answer for that. Your rack model in addition provides a solution where standard High Bays are not fully suitable.

Also please be reminded that there are a couple of statutory requirements valid for the commercial application of LED lights in ***, we discussed that in the past already.

Good luck for your meeting!

With best personal regards

I like the new website by the way. Very professional.

Hello George,

Thank you for help!

I woul like do make a new web side just wit your product, Can I do the same wit your web side, becouse your it is veri profesional?

Best Regards,

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