HiCover LED Flood light, with Nichia and Meanwell Driver, provide wattage available for 60w/90w/120w and 180w.

120w LED Flood light


The clients choose from several different suppliers before purchasing, OK LED provide several different Simulation reports by Dialux and suggest the reasonable way to help the client to have better effect, Finally,  150w 30°x70° LED Flood light was passed by the Clients.

Here are some detail information for this project.

Dimension of Room : 42m x 42m

Height of Room: 14m

Required Lamps : 76pcs HiCover LED Flood light 150w

illumination: 1700lux

HiCover LED Flood light installation

LED Flood light

Flood light HiCover Light

OK LED Lighting also provide another version LED Flood light, such as :

A: HiCover II LED Flood light, available for 50w/70w/90w.

LED Flood light


B : HiCover III LED Flood light,  available for 10w/20w/30w.

HiCover III LED Flood light


Please free to contact us for more detail information, such as IES files, Price, certificates and test reports.

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About Allen

I am Allen, one the sales engineers from OK LED Lighting, After a long time working in LED Lighting field, now i know much about LED Lights. I can also use the Dialux to help you simulate the projects if you can provide the Dimension details of the products or the CAD File. LED Industrial light is what i am doing now, if you want know more or any questions about that, please feel free to contact our team.

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